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Osaka, Part 4 of 5

Day 7:

This was an amazingly fun day, and because I'm an idiot, I have no pictures to show for it.

As I'd said, Mr. Fujikura is a doctor and was really busy on call the week preceding Obon, but he had the day of Obon off and took me on a little tour of Osaka. The kids had homework though, so it was just the two of us.

I had mentioned to my family that I'd never gone to a karaoke box and thought they looked really fun. Apparently she'd never actually gone and said the kids were too young, but she told the dad to take me there since he apparently goes with cousins and friends and such often enough. When I'd mentioned it, I was thinking that it'd be particularly fun to go with Ayumi and her friends or something like that, being my own age and all, and when I realized that I was going with just the dad, I felt a bit nervous, haha, though that wasn't necessary.

We went to a place called Jumbo Karaoke Hiroba, but while at first we were going to go to the one by Toyonaka station, we got there 20 minutes before it opened, so we went to the main one in Nanba, since we were going to stop at a big bookstore there called Junkudou there anyway for me to buy Daarin wa Gaikokujin 2. Sure enough they had it. :) Apparently Mr. Fujikura had been out karaoke-ing the previous night and we ended up in the very same box, ha. Also, karaoke boxes apparently have free soft drinks and chuuhai (which, if I were going for an alcoholic beverage, I thought looked pretty good, but anyway, beside the point), as well as orderable food. I got some Calpis and gyouza (pot stickers), and we took turns singing for two hours without break. I was expecting it to be a little embarrassing, but it wasn't in the least, haha, it's unbelievable how fun it is! I honestly can't wait to go again, this time with people my own age in Tokyo. ;p Actually though, it was probably good that I did go with just the dad, 'cause while he seemed really impressed, I made a bunch of screwups that embarrassed me, and I can learn from them in the future. :D

See if I can remember everything I sung... Mr.Children - Houkiboshi (when we got back the the mom was like, "Invite girls karaoke-ing when you're in Tokyo and sing Mr.Children to them, they're sure to fall for you!" Hahahah, let's hope so), L'Arc~en~Ciel - Kasou (one of my favorite L'Arc songs, in response to the father's first choice of 'snow drop'), Ulfuls - Ee nen (when in Osaka... :) such a great song anyway though), Porno Graffitti - Agehachou (which I actually managed to do decently on), GO!GO!7188 - Jetto Ninjin (for humorous effect as well as because it's a freakin' awesome song), B'z - Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu (note for the future: ballads are a very good thing), Do As Infinity - Fukai Mori (can't go wrong), Janne Da Arc - Maria no Tsumeato (the only song by them I knew, in response to whichever one the dad picked), Mr.Children - Shiisou Geimu ~Yuukan na Koi no Uta~ (which I was AMAZING on and will probably sing any time I karaoke from now on), GO!GO!7188 - Ukifune (not that great for karaoke, but it's still my favorite of theirs), The Tigers - Kimi Dake ni Ai o (a song from 1968, hahaha, but GO!GO!7188 has an awesome cover of it, so I thought I'd see how the original sounded -- good, but lacks the rockin' guitar), The Local Art - Sakura (a cool indies tune that I completely failed on for some reason, but hey, you win some, you lose some), and Ketsumeishi - Sakura (haha, just to see if I could do it...the chorus was no problem, but I couldn't read fast enough to sing the rap part, would've had to practice ahead of time). I believe that was everything actually, ha.

Anyway, four rules of karaoke I picked up: (1) When in doubt, sing a ballad, 'cause you probably won't screw it up; (2) The more you do it, the better you know what artists are in your vocal range; (3) Plan ahead for what to sing next time, 'cause when you're in there, you don't have that much time to think; and (4) In the end it doesn't really matter if you screw up, it's still extremely fun. And as to rule #3, I thought of a few good ones to remember for next time: Monkey Majik - Around the World (I have NO IDEA why I didn't think to sing this one!), Mr.Children - Kurumi (once again, if it wouldn't've slipped my mind), Ulfuls - Ashita ga Aru sa (:D), Sambomaster - Sekai wa Sore o Ai to Yobu n da ze (seems like it'd be a blast with like 4+ people, hahah; god knows I can't scream like that alone), Yousui Inoue - Yume no Naka e (I don't care if it's from 1973, it's a really fun song), Gackt - Juunigatsu no Love Song (especially if it is in fact December), GO!GO!7188 - Me Mimi Hana Kuchi (hahah, yes -- if I could do it with a straight face), L'Arc~en~Ciel - the Fourth Avenue Cafe (forgot this one, this is my absolute favorite of theirs), Mr.Children - Kimi ga Suki (or Owari naki Tabi, or [es], or anything else by them really, it's a tough decision...), Porno Graffitti - Yo Bailo (or Mugen, or Saudade, or Ai ga Yobu Hou e...), wheeee :D

Anyhow, after that was a lot of sightseeing and window shopping (it ends up being the same thing a lot of the time, hehe, s'okay though). We went to Den Den Town in Nipponbashi (Sennichimae), a huge electronics and otaku district, the Akihabara of Osaka, which was amusing. We went and saw Tsuutenkaku tower, but the line to actually go in went down the street, so we figured it really wasn't worth it. Ha, instead we went to a place called Smart Ball, similar to pachinko, which was also kinda fun, ha, though neither of us won anything in the two tries we played.

By then it was dinner time, and we went to Mr. Fujikura's favorite restaurant (or at least one of 'em), a yakinikuya called Arai in Tsuruhashi (Sakaisuji from Doubutsuenmae to Nipponbashi, then Sennichimae). I can't even put into words how delicious this meal was (though it cost $80 for two people!). The yakiniku was pretty similar to Naritaya, though this place had traditional Japanese tables with a little grill placed onto the table, but somehow the meat was just tastier. Then we ordered a plate of raw beef strips in some sort of marinade that he was saying I'd love; "Ayumi ate a whole plate by herself!" He took some of the plate, but I ate most of it, and he wasn't kidding, it was amazing! I'm sure it wouldn't go over in America, but we're missing out on a lot of good things. Ha, I'll try any food as long as it's clean (he said a study done showed that Japan has next to no food poisoning cases from raw meat) and doesn't contain wasabi. :)

After that, I realized I still didn't have a souvenir for my parents, so we went to Minami-morimachi (Sennichimae to Tanimachi 9-choume, then Tanimachi) in search of something, and ended up finding a box of awa-okoshi, a specialty treat of Osaka made of rice and honey, which my parents as well as I have been enjoying quite a lot actually. :) We made our way back to Umeda and I remember going to a shop called Loft (come to think of it, I wonder if that's where the "All You Need Is Loft" shirt Yanagi-sensei had junior year came from!). Then we came back and I got all my stuff packed up for the next day. *tear*

Stay tuned for our exciting conclusion, airing tomorrow on Ross' journal. :D


I will be in Japan in December! I think I will start memorizing Juunigatsu no Love Song :D
Oh, I had forgotten that you're going already! When do you leave?

And yeah, it is a good song :D
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